Nutrunning is a peer-to-peer platform for crowdsourcing campaigns and communities.

Brought to you by the founding team of New Zealand's biggest crowdfunding platform,

Use Nutrunning to harvest:

  • Donations

    Fundraising appeals, peer-to-peer events, & online supporter communities

  • Pledges

    Major capital drives, & project crowdfunding communities

  • Talent & Ideas

    Idea generation, talent quests, & popularity contests

  • Commitment

    Action-to-change campaigns, participation drives, & member recruitment

  • Feedback

    Public consultation, concept validation, & petitions

  • Sales

    Flexible gift registries, friend-get-friend offers, & pre-sales campaigns

These brands and businesses have cracked crowdsourcing success with Nutrunning

Pink Ribbon Breakfast
Auckland City Mission
Live More Awesome